How it Works

The initial conversation with Dental Care Alliance will determine if an affiliation may be an option for your practice. If so, you will be asked to sign a Confidentiality Agreement. This is a reciprocal agreement that protects both you and DCA during the exchange of privileged information in order to make knowledgeable decisions throughout the course of our conversations.

After you have signed and returned the Confidentiality Agreement, you will be asked to complete a Practice Overview. The Practice Overview gives you the opportunity to share comprehensive qualitative and quantitative data about your practice.

Using the information provided in the Practice Overview, DCA will create a Pro Forma (hypothetical financial statement) to project your practice’s future performance. Once the pro forma has been completed, a Site Visit will be scheduled to allow for in-person introductions between you and DCA, and to review the Practice Overview and Pro Forma in detail. Site Visits are conducted after normal business hours in consideration of your patients and staff.

At this time, if both parties determine that a DCA affiliation is a cultural and clinical fit for your practice, DCA will draft a Letter of Intent. The Letter of Intent conveys DCA’s desire to affiliate with your practice, and includes the terms and conditions of the offer, as well as the specifics of a proposed Professional Employment Agreement.

Further Due Diligence will commence upon your acceptance of the Letter of Intent. You will continue to operate your practice as usual, and both you and DCA will provide all necessary information as requested. The time frame from a signed Letter of Intent until the completion of the affiliation is approximately 60 days.

In an effort to address any concerns your staff may have regarding the practice ownership transition, DCA will host an On-site Staff Meeting to give them the opportunity to have their questions answered and to complete DCA employment paperwork with a knowledgeable and empathetic DCA transition expert on hand.

From the time you contact DCA until the day you become an affiliated practice, DCA’s integrity in business and commitment to excellence will validate your choice to become part of the DCA family.