Dental Care Alliance is committed to fostering opportunities for our affiliated dentists and their patients. Our dentist-focused philosophy offers dentists the opportunity to focus on patient care, not on business, and still enjoy the autonomy of making their own clinical decisions and determining their preferred scope of practice.

In today’s climate, private practice dentists are facing numerous challenges, from time-consuming day-to-day management problems to keeping up with the latest technologies. External factors such as managed care and government regulations have created economic pressures on all dental practices and, even with increased productivity, many dentists are seeing flat to lower earnings and a decrease in their practice equity.

DCA was formed to give dentists back the control and satisfaction they once enjoyed in their careers. DCA provides management support and business models that have proven successful for over two decades in a wide range of practice types and locations. Through years of combined industry expertise, economies of scale and centralized administration, DCA provides affiliated practices with substantial savings in supplies, increased services and effective marketing.

DCA is committed to leading the industry in ground-breaking business development methods while providing the best environment and results for patients and healthcare professionals. Unlike many dental support companies, DCA-affiliated practices are not forced to fit a certain mold. Most practices maintain their own identities and operate under various names and practice models.

DCA believes in a team-oriented environment where the entire office staff works together to ensure procedural quality, time management and patient satisfaction. Continuing education on current dental advances is a priority that benefits patients, doctors and practices alike. This continual evolution ensures the flexibility of DCA’s system to adapt to variables such as geography, demographics and economic conditions.

DCA are pleased to welcome forward-thinking dentists and dental professionals to our unique organization.