Meet the forward-thinking team behind the industry’s best dental professionals

DCA is built and maintained by experienced clinical and operational leaders who are driven by a shared commitment to ensure dentistry is practiced with honesty, integrity, and compassion while ensuring superior standards of care.

  • Jerry Rhodes

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Jeffrey Koziel


  • Don Gallo, DMD

    Chief Clinical Officer

  • Dale Hockel

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Russell Allen

    Chief Financial Officer

  • David Pegg

    Chief Development Officer

  • James Nick

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Chris Scott

    Chief Information Officer & Chief Information Security Officer

  • Erika Williams

    Chief Talent Officer

  • Joseph Eckerle

    Northeast Division Vice President

  • Shawna Eury

    Florida Division Vice President

  • Nicole Lipp

    Southeast Division Vice President

  • Eduardo Laventman

    Orthodontics Division Vice President

  • Craig Murray

    West Division Vice President

Executive advisors

  • Mitch Olan

    Board Member

  • Craig Abramowitz, DDS

    Board Member

  • David P. Nichols

    Board Member

Clinical leadership team

  • Edan Blumenthal, DMD

    Clinical Director, Pennsylvania

  • Mitch Blumenthal, DMD

    Clinical Director, Pennsylvania

  • Alex Cardounel, DDS

    Clinical Director, Southeast Florida

  • Jason Cooper, DDS

    Clinical Director, Indiana

  • Dennis Corona, DDS

    Clinical Director, West Florida

  • Matthew Freedman, DMD

    Clinical Director, Main Street Florida

  • Robert Friedman, DMD

    Clinical Director, New York

  • Steven Goldstein, DDS

    Clinical Director, New Jersey

  • Matt Haluch, DDS

    Clinical Director, Massachusetts & Connecticut

  • Todd Jorgenson, DDS

    Clinical Director, Arizona

  • Michael Kesner, DDS

    Clinical Director, Texas

  • Bryan Laskin, DDS

    Clinical Director, Minnesota

  • Barry Lyon, DDS

    Clinical Director, Main Street Maryland

  • Michelle Mattioli, DMD

    Clinical Director, Virginia

  • William Trey Mueller, DMD

    Clinical Director, Central Florida

  • Stephen Price, DDS

    Clinical Director, Virginia

  • Scott Schoen, DDS

    Clinical Director, Arkansas

  • Erin Shanahan, DMD

    Clinical Director, Illinois

  • Matthew Steur, DMD

    Clinical Director, Colorado

  • Jorge A. Vargas, DMD

    Clinical Director, Main Street Florida

  • Gene Witkin, DDS

    Clinical Director, Georgia

  • Lorne Yasbin, DMD

    Clinical Director, Maryland

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