Our commitment

An alliance that is in total alignment

At DCA, we grow by aligning with practices, dentists and staff who have demonstrated their ability to effectively and ethically service their patients. After all, our reputation is determined by the quality of the company we keep. Therefore, affiliation opportunities are available only to practices and dentists who consistently meet and exceed high standards of care, deliver an exceptional patient experience, and are looking for growth opportunities.

Clinical leadership

Local leadership within a national network

Our operational team and clinical directors are local and collaborative. The team is structured to provide the highest quality clinical and operational guidance and oversight to every office and individual provider, facilitate onboarding for new dentists and lead continuing education efforts.

Standards of care

Exceptional, personalized, and accessible, is our standard

We go beyond providing exceptional dental care. Our teams are uniquely qualified to meet any oral health issue and strive to take into consideration each patient’s individual needs and circumstances when determining a treatment plan. Our network of allied practices and our success is the result of an unwavering commitment to improving the wellbeing of both patients and dentists.

Doctor autonomy

We put the power in empowerment

Unlike many dental support companies, DCA-allied practices are not forced to fit a certain mold. Best of all, you retain complete clinical autonomy. Your dental office keeps the same name, reputation, and team that you’ve worked hard to develop. We’re here to help you focus on improving clinical outcomes for your patients, promoting the growth and success of your practice and brand within your community, while advancing the professional growth and development of your team members.


Tomorrow’s dental practices, today

DCA is committed to leading the industry in the application of ground-breaking technology, patient management systems, top notch facilities, and standards of care. We take pride in providing the best environment and results for patients and healthcare professionals.