About DCA

A History of Success

Established in 1991 by Dr. Steven R. Matzkin, Dental Care Alliance’s success is the result of our unwavering commitment to improving the wellbeing of both patients and dentists through innovative and proven practice-support solutions. DCA-affiliated dentists join a family of more than 700 like-minded dentists and a support team of industry experts working together to advance dental service without compromising patient care.

As one of the country’s largest and oldest dental support organizations, DCA supports more than 320 affiliated practices in 20 states, encompassing all facets of general dentistry and all recognized dental specialties. As a result, DCA offers dental professionals groundbreaking career and affiliation opportunities.

Options, Options and More Options

Dental Care Alliance’s unique approach appeals to dentists seeking to cash in on practice equity, achieve career objectives, maintain clinical autonomy and find relief from management headaches. DCA recognizes and respects the individuality of dentists and the practices they’ve built. That’s why we’re able to offer the most flexible and customizable career opportunities and practice-transition solutions in the industry.

At DCA, growth comes only with practices, dentists and staff who have demonstrated their ability to effectively and ethically service their patients. After all, our reputation is determined by the quality of the company we keep. Therefore, affiliation opportunities are available only to practices and dentists who consistently meet and exceed high standards of care.

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