October 2021

DCA Announces ‘Ally Day’ – An Inclusive Floating Holiday that Embraces All Traditions

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Dental Care Alliance (DCA) believes they are strongest when team members are comfortable embracing their full selves at work. The company recognizes the importance of embracing differences and celebrating the holidays, traditions, and observances that may fall outside a standard holiday calendar.

DCA established its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Council in October 2020, with the purpose to promote and encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion within all levels of the company. As part of the Council’s initiatives in its first year and in observance of Global Diversity Month, DCA recently announced the creation of ‘Ally Day’ – a floating holiday intended to empower individuals and provide flexible time off to celebrate the holidays and traditions that are most important to its team members.

Ally Day demonstrates DCA’s efforts to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion as an organization, and sets it apart as a leader in the dental industry. Through Ally Day, DCA honors individuals from all backgrounds, religions, and ethnicities, and takes another step towards being more inclusive.

Chief Revenue Officer James Nick, who leads the DEI Council commented, “Dental Care Alliance’s strength is its people. And those people, DCA Allies, are diverse. We are proud to invest in our people further with the addition of Ally Day.  The unique aspect is that it will mean many different things to different team members.  Some may find it useful to honor their heritage or celebrate a holiday, some may use the time to give back in their community – each individual will have the freedom to use their Ally Day to do something meaningful for them and allow them to reflect on how their unique identity helps make DCA Stronger Together.”

Dental Care Alliance is also celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2021, making it one of the largest and oldest DSOs in the industry. DCA is proud to give back to its Allies throughout the year in meaningful and inclusive ways such as the addition of Ally Day.

“This is a significant way to reinforce our commitment to making DCA a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization for the long-term,” shared Jerry Rhodes, Chief Executive Officer. “I want to thank the members of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council for putting forth this concept and making it a reality for DCA Allies.”