October 2023

DCA Welcomes Hodosh Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

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Dental Care Alliance (DCA) is pleased to welcome Hodosh Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, a two-doctor single location general practice located in Providence, Rhode Island. The practice, currently owned by Dr. Alex Hodosh, was founded by Dr. Hodosh’s father, Dr. Milton Hodosh, in 1954. This affiliation marks DCA’s entry into Rhode Island, enlarging its footprint to a total of 23 states.

Since opening its doors in 1954, Hodosh Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry has provided comprehensive and leading-edge dental care. The practice offers a full range of dental services, including general and emergency dentistry, implants, root canal treatment, Invisalign, periodontal treatment, full mouth reconstruction, and CEREC restorations.

The practice is dedicated to offering the finest oral healthcare solutions using advanced technologies and materials. Dr. Alex Hodosh takes great care in developing each individual’s treatment plan based on their specific needs, emphasizing lasting dental health, function, and beauty. Dr. Hodosh believes that listening and connecting with his patients affords him the ability to truly understand their needs and tailor their treatment to them individually. He takes enormous pride in providing the finest care for his patients and believes that improving their dental health has a lasting positive impact on their quality of life.

Exceptional patient care and cutting-edge treatment are part of Hodosh Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry’s history. The practice was founded by Dr. Milton Hodosh who was a pioneer in the field of dental implants. His research, which included eleven National Institute of Health grants, established the basic principles for the development and success of dental implants. He was a prolific inventor and holder of over 40 US and foreign patents. In addition, he isolated, developed, and patented the key chemical formula for the treatment of dental hypersensitivity, which is now the essential ingredient for the leading desensitizing toothpastes worldwide. His sons, Drs. Steven and Alex Hodosh followed in his footsteps and continued to expand the practice with the most modern and up-to-date technology.

Dr. Alex Hodosh has practiced dentistry for over 35 years and still feels honored and happy to be welcomed into people’s lives. Dr. Hodosh attended Boston University, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Biology, and then went on to Tufts University School of Dental Medicine where he earned a Doctor of Dental Medicine in 1987. Dr. Hodosh also completed specialty training in Dental Implantology at the Brookdale Hospital in New York. Dental Implants have been integrated into his daily practice for the past 35 years.

Dr. Hodosh remains very active in dental advancements, presenting and lecturing at professional conferences and meetings on implant placement techniques and restoration. In addition, Dr. Hodosh is an expert in utilizing 3D technology for the treatment planning and guided surgical placement of implants. He has been an early adopter of many high-tech advancements in dental technology. He is highly skilled in the use of the CEREC 3D system for the design and fabrication of crown and bridge and implant procedures and specializes in providing same-day dentistry using these modern tools.

Dr. Hodosh grew up in Providence and has been a Rhode Island resident his entire life. When not in the office, he prioritizes time with his family and particularly enjoys engaging with his children’s various interests and activities. He also values quality time with friends and enjoys fishing and skiing. Dr. Hodosh is a big believer in giving back to the community: helping the homeless as well as supporting local youth softball leagues, local libraries, and neighborhood churches.

“I have practiced dentistry for over 35 years and still feel honored and happy to be welcomed into people’s lives, and likewise I feel honored to be welcomed into the DCA family,” shared Dr. Alex Hodosh.

I am excited for the future with this DCA partnership, and I look forward to continuing to bring to life the exceptional care and forward-looking dentistry that has been the cornerstone of my practice.”

Practicing alongside Dr. Alex Hodosh is Dr. Daniel Son. Dr. Son believes that dentistry is a way to help people lead healthier, happier, more enjoyable lives. Whether he’s providing a checkup, brightening a smile, relieving pain, or restoring function, my focus is always on what is right for the individual: he wants them to have a worry-free experience and be pleased with the results.

Dr. Son appreciates how every procedure is a combination of art, science, and personal connection. The conversations with patients, prior to designing their treatment, are key to providing optimal care. He especially enjoys educating people on their oral health, explaining what’s happening in their mouth, and how together they can address the situation.

Dr. Son completed a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry in 2010, at Carnegie Mellon University and then attended Columbia University, where he was awarded a Doctor of Dental Surgery and a Master of Arts in Science and Dental Education in 2015. Dr. Son also attended Harvard University from 2015-2018 to pursue a Master of Medical Sciences in Oral Biology and Certificate in Prosthodontics.

Both doctors strive to always provide the highest quality in clinical care, which they deliver with gentle hands, to ensure the best results. They are experienced, professional, and friendly, always aiming to make every interaction and each procedure as comfortable as possible.

This affiliation continues the rapid growth and momentum of the organization and expands DCA’s footprint into the state of Rhode Island. DCA’s total footprint includes over 400 allied practices across the US.

Hodosh Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry occupies an important place in the history of dentistry,” shared Andrew Clarke, DCA Vice President Business Development. Dr. Hodosh and Dr. Son are exceptional doctors, and I’m excited DCA can help support them in continuing the practice’s legacy. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have them partner with DCA, along with the practice’s talented, dedicated staff.”

Dental Care Alliance’s mission is to advance the practice of dentistry by partnering with and supporting dental professionals to create a lifetime of healthy smiles. DCA currently supports over 400 allied practices and over 900 dentists across 23 states. DCA’s allied practices represent all dental specialties and treat patients under more than 150 brand names.