January 2022

DCA welcomes Midland Park Family Dentistry to its growing family of allied practices

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Dental Care Alliance (DCA) proudly announces the addition of Midland Park Family Dentistry to its growing family of allied practices. Located in Midland Park, New Jersey, this award-winning family dentistry practice offers a wide range of services from cosmetic and restorative dentistry to general dentistry, delivering patients the most technologically advanced care in a personalized, family-friendly environment.

With over 30 years of experience and expertise, the practice is led by Dr. Anthony Caramico, for whom “building my practice was a labor of love. Understanding that I brought us as far as I could led me to start investigating possibilities for our future. My two-year search brought me to DCA, realizing that their visions of healthcare align with mine. There is support and commitment to me as well as my team and our patients will carry us to places I could never have imagined. I am grateful for their confidence in me and I am grateful to be part of the DCA family.”

The entire team at Midland Park Family Dentistry is committed to excellence and operates with the philosophy that patients are the driving force behind everything they do. Their 250+ google five-star reviews and multiple “Top Dentist” awards are reflective of their drive to be the best.

This affiliation marks DCA’s 14th in 2021, and brings DCA’s footprint in New Jersey to 12 allied practices, further strengthening DCA’s presence in the northeast. Speaking about DCA partnerships and this one specifically, says David Pegg, DCA’s Chief Development Officer, “Our commitment is to partner with doctors and teams that share our commitment to top-shelf patient experience and care. Dr. Caramico and the team at Midland Park Family Dentistry are a shining example of an ideal partner. They love their community and embrace the opportunity to not just treat but also care for their patients daily. It is an honor to be their trusted partner of choice.”