• DCA is committed to growth potential, which is a win-win for everyone.

    Briggitte Martin, DDS
    Ally since 2001

Coming out of dental school, Dr. Martin had a deep desire to stay true to her personal, unique vision. “Being affiliated with DCA is beneficial in so many ways. When I graduated from dental school, I wanted to focus on my patients and avoid the administrative headaches that come with running a practice. Affiliating with DCA gives me the freedom to practice in a capacity I’m comfortable with.”

After Dr. Martin relocated to the Orlando, FL area, she began her DCA journey in the ADC Sportsplex location for 5 years. She was drawn to an opportunity at Advanced Dental Care of Mount Dora because they practiced sedation dentistry, something she had been interested in. Dr. Martin “was able to train with and learn from Dr. Hugh Hughston, an absolutely amazing human being,” and found an area of dentistry that she loved. Within the ADC Mount Dora practice, “has been privileged to give back to the community by servicing special needs patients.” Local group homes have welcomed Dr. Martin as their provider of choice with their patients. Dr. Martin felt “being able to continue Dr. Hughston’s legacy with special needs patients has been very rewarding.”

Being affiliated with DCA allowed Dr. Martin to expand her career and go from associate dentist to a partner doctor while focusing on the aspects of dentistry that mean the most to her. “I was practicing at ADC Mount Dora and doing what I loved, so I decided I wanted to become more vested and pursued becoming a partner in 2015.” This was an exciting opportunity for Dr. Martin, and one she felt demonstrated that “DCA is committed to growth potential, which is a win-win for everyone.”

Dr. Martin has always wanted to focus on her patients, and her journey with DCA has enabled her to do that. One of the best things about DCA and something that makes DCA unique, says Dr. Martin, is that “there is no cookie cutter approach – I can do things my way. I can focus on my patients, and DCA helps me identify new, fresh ways to increase my practice’s value.” With DCA as an ally by her side, Dr. Martin has been able to develop, grow and shine as a leader in the industry.

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