• The thing I love most about DCA is their ability to recognize the strengths of each doctor they work with.

    Bryan Laskin, DDS
    Ally since 2018

Dr. Bryan Laskin’s journey with DCA started with a conversation, wherein he quickly clicked, and vice versa, with members of DCA leadership during an Association of Dental Support Organization (ADSO) conference. Dr. Laskin was successfully running a two-office practice and several small dental technology companies. He became interested in partnering with a DSO as a way to help manage his varied businesses, his interests, and relieve stress. Ultimately, he wanted to focus on the things he loved.

Dr. Laskin is a successful dentist, innovator, and investor who has enjoyed monumental success in the dental industry over the years. Before joining DCA in 2018. Dr. Laskin had a multi-office practice and was looking for a way to focus more on taking care of patients. When researching the DSO approach, he couldn’t find a company that lined up with his vision. In fact, he even considered starting his own organization. That all changed when he was introduced to DCA. “I was immediately impressed with Dave, Dale, James, and the entire leadership team,” says Dr. Laskin. “I felt a connection right away. They offered a fresh, customized approach – unlike the cookie-cutter methods used by other DSOs. This was essential since my practice has a special and unique culture. DCA helped us optimize operations without sacrificing my philosophy.” Dr. Laskin’s technology experience and expertise were recognized and he was given the opportunity to become DCA’s Innovation Officer. Dental technology has always been Dr. Laskin’s passion and greatest area of expertise. “The thing I love most about DCA is their ability to recognize the strengths of each doctor they work with. They saw my love of technology and my commitment to innovation – and rather than forcing me to change direction, they allowed me to keep building on those strengths as my career progressed.”

As the industry rapidly evolves and as advanced technology takes on a more prevalent role in dentistry, Dr. Laskin is able to guide and lead the organization with training and implementation of on the best and most state-of-the-art technologies. Further expanding on his experience with DCA, Dr. Laskin said, “Dentistry is rapidly changing and the clinical demands are much higher than they used to be. DCA has the capacity to address these issues directly and help reduce many of the administrative and technological headaches associated with running a practice.”

When asked what DCA has done for his career, Dr. Laskin said, “I can focus more on my vital functions. Best of all, I’m no longer distracted by things I’m not good at. DCA helps dentists do what they enjoy – and do it better.”

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