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  • One of our big challenges was not being able to provide health insurance for our employees, with DCA that is just not a challenge anymore.

    Cynthia Brush, DMD
    Ally since 2017

For Tioga Dental & Orthodontics, teaming up with DCA was a matter of doing the right thing for their employees. Without DCA, Tioga had been unable to afford health insurance for their large staff. Even the doctor’s own personal insurance plan cost around $2,000 per month.

As a DCA affiliate, Tioga is now able to offer employees not only health insurance, but greater opportunities for career advancement. One employee recently accepted an H.R. position with DCA’s corporate office, and another transferred to a different DCA affiliate after relocating.

For Tioga’s doctors, autonomy was a key factor in the selection process. “It wasn’t like they stepped in and said, ‘Do it our way or the highway,” explains Dr. Cynthia Bush. “We had options to look at different things and see what worked for us.”

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