• I went to the implant course and I’m going to the endo course this weekend, and we’ve had so many different free courses, which private practices are not going to be able to afford to do for you.

Dr. Abdullh did not initially intend to start her career with a DSO. In fact, she was opposed to the idea of a dental career with a DSO, until seeing all the support Dental Care Alliance had to offer through continuing education courses, mentorships, and access to the latest technology.

Additionally, she felt that joining a practice with multiple doctors would maximize her ability to find mentors and learning opportunities. Being able to expand her knowledge on numerous dental treatments and have the support from DCA to explore DSO job opportunities and continue her education was appealing to her and is something that is not generally an option at private practices.

Joining DCA, a leading DSO, has been a great starting point for Dr. Abdullh’s career, and she looks forward to being here for a long time!

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