October 2015

DCA Creates Spooktacular Campaign to Raise Awareness for National Dental Hygiene Month

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It’s no coincidence that National Dental Hygiene Month and Halloween each fall in October. Sugary treats might be the focus of both, but the dental community wants to sweeten you up on the importance of good oral health.

Dental Care Alliance (DCA), a leading dental support organization, is marking both events with a spooky social media campaign.

The Wicked Witch of Bad Breath, Count Placula, and Gummy the Mummy are some of the scary stars encouraging patients to take care of their BOO-tiful smiles, across DCA’s multiple Facebook brand pages for its affiliated practices.

Each ghoulish character provides social media users with valuable tips about the many terrifying things that can happen when you don’t brush and floss daily, such as plaque buildup, tartar, and cavities.

With Dental Care Alliance’s combined social media audience of more than 100,000 Facebook fans for its affiliated practices, this fright-fully fun Halloween campaign, created by MDG Advertising, is getting noticed.

The messages being used to educate on social media include, “Get WRAPPED UP in good dental care—October is National Dental Hygiene Month! Gummy the Mummy wants to help reduce your chances of gum disease and tooth loss. Make sure to brush and floss daily so you don’t send your teeth to the tomb!”


Look below to see the rest of the spooky cast:


Count Placula: “Don’t let plaque take a BITE out of your good oral health!”


Gingivillain: “Don’t let this common gum disease send your smile running!”


Cavity from the Black Lagoon: “Don’t let this cavity creature wreak havoc on your teeth!”


Tartar the Unfriendly Ghost: “Don’t let tartar build up haunt you.”


The Toothless Horseman: “Don’t let cavity causing treats scare your teeth away!”


Franken Forgot-To-Floss: “Teaching kids the nuts-and-bolts of good oral hygiene.”