Easy and Healthy Vegan Recipes

All about Veganism:

  • What Is Vegan?: The American Vegan Organization provides a simple overview of what qualifies someone as ‘vegan’.
  • To Shed Pounds, Going Vegan May Help – If you are looking to lose weight, adopting a plant-based diet could be the answer. NPR weighs in on the health and weight benefits of becoming vegan.
  • Vegan Nutrition – Western Kentucky University has provided a helpful guide that explains the myths some people may believe about vegan nutrition.
  • Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition – Pomona College of California explains the differences between vegetarians and vegans, and dunks the many myths associated with the nutritional aspects of each diet.
  • How to Go Vegan – PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) makes going vegan easy! With a list of grocery stores that sell vegan friendly products, sample recipes to get your vegan cooking started, and location of vegan friendly restaurants, this is a great place to start your vegan ventures.
  • Happy Cow – If you are in a new city and want to find all the vegan restaurants in the area (and vegetarian!) this is the place to look. They even offer a mobile app to help you find vegan friendly restaurants on the go!
  • How to Go Vegan – Not sure where to start when it comes to veganism? Vegan Michigan’s website provides you with all the key tips to making this easy transition.
  • Vegan Recipes – To find the Mecca of vegan recipes, vegan.com provides you with a slew of simple and delicious all vegan recipes.
  • Vegan Diets for Athletes – Are you an athlete? If you’re worried about getting adequate nutrition while training, the University of Washington has provided a guide for both vegan and vegetarian athletes.
  • Vegan on a Budget – If you want to live the vegan lifestyle but are worried about affording the proper food and nutrition, this website can help! Providing sample lists of what to buy at the store for your vegan recipes, this guide will keep you on a budget!
  • Veggin Out: Vegans Pursue Their Diet for a Number of Reasons (PDF): Curious as to why people go vegan? Learn why vegans choose this lifestyle, including for a desire to avoid harming animals and bettering their health.
  • Can Athletes Benefit From a Vegan Diet? (PDF): Athletes take note: Eating a plant-based diet should not negatively affect your performance if you are eating the proper nutrition.
  • Vegan Benefits: The University of Florida has listed some of the many benefits that people experience when going vegan, including weight loss and saving money on their grocery store trips!
  • My Vegan Plate (PDF): This overview of a what a vegan needs to include in their daily diet includes whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and plant-based proteins.
  • Health Effects of Vegan Diets (PDF): Nutrition.org provides an overview of the health effects one can expect on a vegan diet.

Simple and Nutritious Vegan Recipes

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