October 2018

Congratulations to these doctors for their commitment to service and excellent patient care!

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Recently eleven affiliated dentists in our Southeast Florida market were honored and recognized for their 20 or more years of service and patient care. We applaud these distinguished dentists for their exceptional dedication to improving the lives of their patients! Thank you!

Superior Dental – Richard Douglas, DDS

Dentist, 35  years

Palmetto Ct for Dental Specialties – Robert Comora, DDS

Endodontist, 26 years

Sunrise Dental Group – Thomas Copulos, DDS

Periodontist, 26 years

Dental Center at Baptist – Nancy Sosa, DDS

Dentist, 25 years

Plantation Dental Services – Elisa Suarez, DDS

Dentist, 24 years

Dental Specialty Ct. at Baptist – John Anguita, DDS

Endodontist, 23 years

TC Dental Assoc. of Homestead – Gordon Chiu DDS

Dentist, 23 years

MS Kendall – Teddi I. Litman, DMD

Pedodontist, 23 years

TC Dental Assoc. of Homestead – Elvin Silvestry, DDS

Dentist, 22 years

Dental Center at Baptist – Rene Friedman, DDS

Dentist, 21 years

MS Kendall – Hector J. Prieto DMD

Orthodontist, 20 years