February 2022

DCA concludes 30th Year Celebration with Unprecedented Growth

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Last year, as Dental Care Alliance (DCA) kicked off its 30th anniversary, it began by launching refreshed brand elements to highlight the strength of the organization and direction for its bright future. True to that end, over the past 12 months, DCA opened four de novo locations and completed 18 affiliations, adding 50 offices, and entering the state of Wisconsin in DCA’s most successful year ever.

Founded in 1991, by Dr. Steve Matzkin with two dental practices in Sarasota, Florida, DCA now consists of over 370 allied practices in 21 states. While the challenges of finding long-term talent have been widely published, DCA has grown to over 775 dentists, including 275 specialists, and experienced rapid growth in hygienists, for a total of more than 4,800 Allies.

Over the last 30 years, DCA has consistently evolved and thrived in all market conditions. Despite global challenges in 2020 and again in 2021, DCA-supported practices continue to outpace industry performance as DCA continued its focus on patients, their health, and our ability to provide safe, high-quality dental services. Thoughtful initiatives such as the multi-faceted Safe Smiles campaign, which began during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, have been instrumental in unifying DCA practices and helping them move from reopening to thriving.

“It’s been a tremendous year for Dental Care Alliance, and despite the many challenges of 2021, we have emerged stronger than ever by prioritizing alignment with partners that believe in the same things that we do,” shared Jerry Rhodes, Chief Executive Officer. “Our people – our Allies – and their unwavering commitment to the patients that we serve are what make DCA unique. The future is bright, and I look forward to the continued success for all of our allied practices and partners in 2022.”

In 2022, DCA will continue to focus on its Allies, new and existing, with a comprehensive approach to engagement and communication, with activities and events through DCAs smile! platform, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council, a partnership with Women in DSO®, and a continued commitment to the future. Crowning 2021 with its 16th consecutive month of growth, DCA is one of the largest and most diverse Dental Support Organizations in the country and poised to continue strong growth in 2022.

“DCA is proud and humbled to have been selected as the partner of choice for 18 world-class dental practices last year. We approach each day as a team committed to supporting practices and people that are at the peak of their profession; and each of our new alliances is reflective of a shared commitment to delivering first-rate clinical care and an outstanding patient experience,” stated David Pegg, Chief Development Officer. “As we move into 2022, we are excited to work alongside the industry’s very best, who we are fortunate to call our Allies, as we continue to build upon our collective legacies of success.”

Dental Care Alliance’s mission is to advance the practice of dentistry. DCA currently supports 370 allied practices and more than 775 dentists across 21 states. DCA’s allied practices represent all dental specialties and treat patients under more than 140 brand names.