September 2023

Debunking DSO Myths

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Why A Dentist Should Consider Affiliating with a DSO 

In the rapidly evolving dental industry, dentists are constantly being presented with new avenues to enhance their practices and ensure the best possible patient care. Dental Support Organizations, or DSOs, such as Dental Care Alliance (DCA), have emerged as a compelling option for dentists seeking support, yet some misconceptions about DSOs persist.

In this article, we debunk common DSO myths and shed light on why dentists would want to consider affiliating with a DSO. We also explore the benefits of such partnerships and how they contribute to the growth and success of dental practices.

1. Myth: I’ll lose my autonomy.

The dental landscape has seen significant changes in the last two decades, and DSOs have evolved along with those changes. Today’s best DSOs are focused on providing comprehensive non-clinical support allowing dentists to focus on providing clinical care and maximize their clinical autonomy. DSOs such as DCA offer valuable experience and aim to be partners for growth; DSOs work alongside dentists, offering non-clinical support and resources.

2. Myth: All DSOs are the same.

Many DSOs are founded and led by experienced dentists. These professionals understand the challenges dentists face.  DSOs also aim to enhance the overall patient experience by providing supported dentists with improved administrative processes and other resources, including development, technology, and equipment. This collaborative approach allows dentists to focus on providing excellent patient care.

3. Myth: DSOs are only for dentists planning for retirement.

DSOs are ideal partners for successful and thriving practices, catering to both young, entrepreneurial dentists and those planning their transition into retirement. DCA proudly supports dentists at all stages of their careers!

4. Myth: I need a specialty DSO for my specialty practice.

While some DSOs only cater to general dentists or only cater to specialist dentists, DCA has three distinct divisions to support all practice types, general dentistry practices, adult specialty and oral surgery practices, and orthodontic and pediatric practices. This creates a network to strengthen market density, and by providing an interconnected network, DCA fosters long-term growth and referral opportunities for affiliated dentists.

The Facts, Summarized

Many myths surrounding DSOs can be debunked. DSOs like DCA are committed to supporting and empowering dentists in enhancing patient care and ensuring the long-term success of dental practices.  Dentists looking to streamline administrative tasks, access advanced resources, and focus on patient care while maintaining their clinical autonomy could benefit by partnering with a DSO. By choosing the right DSO, dentists can find a valuable partner in the growth, stability, and success of their dental practices.

About Dental Care Alliance

DCA was started by dentists for dentists and has achieved remarkable success in the dental industry for over 30 years, standing as a testament to the effectiveness of its approach to partnership and support.   By empowering dentists in prioritizing patient care and patient experience, DCA has become a preferred partner for dentists in all stages of their careers. With over 400 locations, DCA’s diversified platform caters to general dentists and specialists, creating a robust network that ensures market density and long-term growth opportunities.

This blend of expertise and collaborative growth has made DCA a true industry leader and a trusted partner in the success of dental practices across the nation.

What Does Your Practice Need?

To explore the possibilities of affiliating with DCA or to learn more about the benefits of doing so for your dental practice, contact us today to discuss your practice needs and how DCA can help you continue to grow.