May 2020

Dental Care Alliance launches major, multi-faceted initiative to promote patient safety during COVID-19

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Dental Care Alliance (DCA) today revealed a comprehensive new program to support its partner doctors in the safe operation of their practices in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. The Safe Smiles Initiative provides step-by-step processes and training on new safety protocols, so that patients can visit a DCA-affiliated practice with confidence.

Utilizing detailed guidelines provided by the CDC, ADA, OSHA, and state dental boards, a cross-functional leadership team was assembled to launch the Safe Smiles Initiative and develop a comprehensive playbook that allows supported practices to safely welcome back staff and patients. Effort was made to make the Safe Smiles Playbook and Training thorough and easy to follow, removing the uncertainty of how to reopen and treat patients safely in a rapidly changing environment.

With many dental providers struggling to understand how to operate in uncertain times, Dental Care Alliance has proactively developed extensive operating manuals, secured Personal Protective Equipment, and conducted hundreds of required training sessions for 100% of its affiliated team members.

“Having DCA as a business partner during this unprecedented tragedy has provided a wealth of support, expertise, and teamwork I could never have experienced as a sole practitioner,” explains Todd Jorgenson, DMD, East Valley Implant & Periodontal Center. “I am happy to have somewhere to turn for solutions I could not possibly offer on my own as a single proprietor.”

Bryan Laskin, DDS, of Lake Minnetonka Dental concurs, “As a dentist that is actively engaged in entrepreneurship and leadership programs, I have seen many different businesses respond to this unprecedented crisis that we are all living through. DCA, thanks to its strong leadership, acted much more rapidly to COVID-19 than others and has continued to lead the way for affiliated offices more effectively than, in my opinion, any individual or group of dental practices.”

As part of the Safe Smiles Initiative, patients will notice enhanced safety measures such as phone screening before appointments, curbside check-in, and required temperature checks before entering the office. They will be treated by team members who are screened twice daily and who wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment. In addition, all patient equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between patients to maintain a safe environment. Additional details of the initiative are explained in an informative patient video on the DCA website, at

“Having a support center that is constantly evaluating the situation and guiding us how to respond and communicate to our teams has been key to navigating this crisis. I believe that, due to the immediate response and ongoing direction we are receiving from the support center, DCA offices will come out of this environment much stronger,” Laskin adds.

For further information regarding the Safe Smiles Initiative and Dental Care Alliance, please contact Shawn Wherry, Vice President of Marketing, at [email protected].