Indiana Dentist Brings Care To Haiti

Granger, IN – James Douglas, DDS from The Dental Center of Granger donated his time and talents to provide free dental care to 121 people in the earthquake-ravaged country of Haiti.

Dr. Douglas, on a mission trip led by Dr. James Wierman from Dowagiac, Michigan, spent a week in the small town of Laegone, Haiti, which was near the epicenter of the catastrophic 2010 earthquake.

The two doctors, along with two nurses and three assistants provided dental and medical care to Haitians in desperate need, including over $10,000 worth of vaccines.

With support from two assistants, his 17-year-old daughter Makaela and his friend and philanthropist, Tom Dalton, Dr. Douglas provided dental treatment to 121 patients in only five day.

Dental Care Alliance provided supplies along with donations from other dentists, a local dental supply company, and a philanthropic foundation. Midway Dental also built a portable ultrasonic kit, a necessary item because there was no running water where they worked.

According to Dr. Douglas, “There is still much to be done in Haiti, there is a steady stream of volunteers going to Haiti daily, and I know the people of Haiti appreciate everyone’s generosity.”

To learn more about Dr. Douglas’ trip to Haiti, read his narrative at

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