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It’s not just a part of our name. It’s who we are. We are allies. And when you are aligned with someone who shares your vision and desire to improve lives, great things happen.

About us

  • Manaf Saker, DMD

    Partner Oral Surgeon

    Specialty Division

    Ally since 2001

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  • Briggitte Martin, DDS

    Partner Dentist

    General Practice Division

    Ally since 2001

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  • Rodolfo Tejada, DDS

    Partner Dentist

    Pediatrics & Orthodontics Division

    Ally since 2017

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Your aspirations and goals are our mission

Whether you’re a recent grad or seasoned professional, our experienced team is committed to helping you begin, or advance your career.

Working at DCA


Helping leading
practices, lead

Even after 30 years, our mission hasn’t wavered; to advance the practice of dentistry by partnering with and supporting dental professionals. We provide an infrastructure that enables our partners to laser-focus on providing the highest quality, compassionate care, utilizing the industry’s latest treatments and procedures.

Partner with DCA

We specialize in you, whatever your specialty

DCA is the only leading DSO of its size to have support divisions dedicated to each practice type. General Dentistry, Pediatrics & Orthodontics, and Specialty. Each division has a dedicated team of industry experts working together to ensure that DCA’s diverse portfolio of 275 General dentistry, 70 Pediatrics & Orthodontics and 45 Adult Specialty dental practices are continually advancing the practice of dentistry.

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Types of practices

Serving all specialities

  • General Dentistry

    600 general dentists

  • Pediatrics

    90 Pediatric Dentists

  • Orthodontics

    80 orthodontists

  • Oral Surgery

    65 oral surgeons

  • Periodontics

    55 periodontists

  • Endodontics

    25 endodontists

  • Prosthodontist

    6 prosthodontists

Over 400
allied practices
900+ dentists

DCA is a powerful platform that unites like-minded dentists and a support team of industry experts working together to move the industry forward. Our diverse mix of allied practices raises the bar for dental care in their communities.

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