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  • DCA has been really good to me. I feel so good about the dentistry, the service, and the character of our leaders.

    Tony Belton
    Ally since 2018

Tony Belton started managing practices as a young corporal in the military. So when he transitioned to civilian life, it seemed like the easiest thing to do. His career choice quickly became challenging, however, because as Tony learned, the science of dentistry challenges your mind. He was hooked.

Thankfully, he found the right employer. “DCA has been really good to me. I really feel good about the dentistry, about the service, about the character of our leaders that…want to do well every day.”

By working with a leading DSO, Tony has discovered that when you take care of patients the right way, you can feel better about the future. Or, as he explains it, “We have more people to reach and more opportunities.”

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