Our Team

Leadership Team

Jerry Rhodes

Chief Executive Officer

Dale Hockel

Chief Operating Officer

Russell Allen

Chief Financial Officer

David Pegg

Chief Development Officer

James P. Nick

Chief Revenue Officer

Don Gallo, DMD

Chief Clinical Officer

Jason Chaffin

Chief Information Officer

Richard Capilla

Chief Technology Officer

Bryan Laskin

Chief Innovation Officer

Mitchell B. Olan

Chairman of the Board

Craig Abramowitz

Board Member

David P. Nichols

Board Member

Michael Bileca

President of Florida Operations & Main Street Dental

David Braddy

Midwest Division Vice President

Joseph Eckerle

Northeast Division Vice President

Shawna Eury

Florida Division Vice President

Andre Kellogg

Southeast Division Vice President

Affiliated Clinical Leadership

Marvin Becker, DDS

Clinical Director, Maryland & Virginia

Edan Blumenthal, DMD

Clinical Director, Pennsylvania

Mitch Blumenthal, DMD

Clinical Director, Pennsylvania

Alex Cardounel, DDS

Clinical Director, Southeast Florida

Gary Circosta, DMD

Clinical Director, Massachusetts

Jason Cooper, DDS

Clinical Director, Indiana

Dennis Corona, DDS

Clinical Director, Florida & Michigan

Matthew Freedman, DMD

Clinical Director, Florida Pediatrics & Orthodontics

Michael Gelbart, DDS

Clinical Director, New York

Matt Haluch, DDS

Clinical Director, Massachusetts & Connecticut

Michael Kesner

Dental Director, Texas

William Trey Mueller, DMD

Clinical Director,
Central Florida

Chad Pancholi, BDS, DDS

Clinical Director, Michigan

Khin Phillips, DDS

Clinical Director, Maryland

Stephen Price, DDS

Clinical Director, Virginia

Erin Shanahan, DMD

Clinical Director, Illinois

Larry Sweeting, DDS

Clinical Director, Georgia

Jorge A. Vargas, DMD

Clinical Director for Main Street

Gene Witkin, DDS

Clinical Director, Georgia