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  • DCA takes it upon themselves to make sure they are offering everything possible to make team members feel like this is their future home.

    Shawna Eury
    Ally since 2009

Shawna Eury joined DCA shortly after relocating to a new area. At the time, she thought she was just looking for a transitional job until she could settle on a career. After interviewing with the current office manager, she was hired on the spot as a patient services representative (PSR). She quickly fell in love with the company.

Not long afterward, the DCA office manager who had hired Shawna left, and Shawna was invited to take over the vacant position. She soon discovered that she loved making decisions for the company and the practice, as well as supporting the team members and the patients.

As far as Shawna is concerned, DCA really takes it upon themselves to make sure they’re offering everything possible to make people want to stay. Regarding her own future with DCA, Shawna is emphatic. “I have no intention of ever leaving. This is my family. My team members are my family.”

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