What Dentists Say About DCA

Courtney Botica, DMD

Wadas Dental Center
Munster, IN

I get to practice dentistry my way. I went into a practice with a mentor doctor, so I can get advice if there’s a case I haven’t seen before. Plus, there’s a lot of room for growth. The plan is for me to become the senior doctor at my own office.

Don Gallo, DMD

Chief Clinical Office
Dental Care Alliance

Most dentists don’t want to be spending their time on payroll and billing. DCA frees up their time so they can do what they were trained to do and what they enjoy: administering care.

Jan Ziegler, DDS

Miami Center for Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

DCA places the same importance on offering convenient access to excellent, affordable dental care in a friendly, state-of-the-art environment as I do. I am excited to affiliate with a company that has the same commitment to grow our practice.

Todd Jorgenson, DMD

East Valley Implant & Periodontal Center

Being a sole practitioner for 17 years with multiple locations in different cities was a wonderful opportunity and experience for me. I absolutely loved every minute of it. During those 17 years, I thought I had seen everything, and overcome pretty much every challenge imaginable, but who could have imagined COVID-19 and the economic struggles we are all facing in 2020?

Having DCA as a business partner during this unprecedented tragedy has provided a wealth of support, expertise and team work I could never have experienced as a sole practitioner. During this difficult time, DCA has shown tremendous support to staff, has leveraged powerful supply chain support, answered every call and offered the depth of experience only a seasoned DSO can offer.

Myself and my entire team deeply appreciate all DCA has done and continues to do as we all work to come out of this struggle together. It is a pleasure to work with the professionals at all levels of DCA and we note the sincere and genuine leadership. I am happy to have somewhere to turn for solutions I could not possibly offer on my own as a single proprietor.

Thomas Purcell, DMD

Advanced Dental Care
Lakewood Ranch, FL

One of my fears in joining a group practice was that someone would be dictating what I could or could not do. I have found with Dental Care Alliance, I am 100% autonomous.

Tatiana Herzog, DDS, DICOI

Towncare Dental of Boca Raton
Galt Family Dentistry, Ft. Lauderdale

I wanted to continue working in the setting I had created, while still being able to spend quality time with my family. Affiliating with DCA allowed me to focus on the high-quality dentistry my patients had come to expect, without all the stresses of the office.

Michael Derakhshan, DMD

Advanced Dental Care
Brandon and Temple Terrace, FL

In my first two years out of school, I was fortunate enough to take the IV sedation course and implant courses. Dental Care Alliance actually picked up the tab. It was over $20,000 in courses. If I started my own practice I would not have had that opportunity.

Emily Relkin, DMD

Advanced Dental Care
Clearwater, FL

I am humbled this week at the care we have been able to provide to our communities in need as we remain open to emergencies during this crucial time. We are accepting every patient with an emergency that calls or knocks on our door.

I hear repeatedly from patients that they are struggling to find any open dental practice in our area, and can hear the relief in their voices when we tell them we can see them right away.

On Tuesday at ADC Clearwater, we started the day with three emergency patients scheduled – two with broken teeth and one who had fallen on her face and came in with a black eye and broken anterior teeth. We were happy to treat each of these patients with same day care, but before we knew it the phone was ringing off the hook with patients in pain.

As these patients began rolling into the office, I saw them in tears, rocking back and forth in the waiting room in agony — I provided Motrin tablets and water as they waited, and helped turn over rooms and seat patients. Dr. Emily Relkin and her assistant, Kim Ross, worked quickly and efficiently to help every patient I put on their schedule – back to back, they worked through their lunch without complaint.

After our fourth or fifth emergency checked out, thanking us profusely for being here, I felt myself become slightly emotional at the impact our teams that are still out there working and providing care are making on our patients’ lives.

In these hopeless times, we are staying focused and energized knowing we are doing our part to serve our communities.

We know we are not alone working tirelessly right now, and want to thank all of you that are still open and seeing patients — we are all comrades in this together!

Bryan Laskin, DDS

Lake Minnetonka Dental

As a dentist that is actively engaged in entrepreneurship and leadership programs, I have seen many different businesses respond to this unprecedented crisis that we are all living through. DCA, thanks to its strong leadership, acted much more rapidly to COVID-19 than others and has continued to lead the way for affiliated offices more effectively than, in my opinion, any individual or group of dental practices.

Having a support center that is constantly evaluating the situation and guiding us how to respond and communicate to our teams has been key to navigating this crisis. I believe that, due to the immediate response and ongoing direction we are receiving from the support center, DCA offices will come out of this environment much stronger. From support on HR issues to working with clinical leadership to document the new PPE and infection control protocols that we will implement, the guidance from DCA has helped our office stay way ahead of the industry.

Additionally, knowing that the economic burdens that come with this type of event have been eased by DCA’s strong industry partnerships, breadth of knowledge and access to capital allow us to focus and respond as positively as possible to imminent situations, rather than react in ways that would not be beneficial for the long-term.